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How we work


Bo Kristiaan Janssen is based in Rotterdam, an unfinished city full of stories and space to breathe and develop.


The office consists today of three dedicated architects and one architect in training, all with specific skills in the design process. We work with other architects, other offices, other advisors, other artists, other professionals. Depending on the type and size of the project we select our team. It provides great freedom to work with inspiring and talented people and every project is custom-made.


We focus on the physical and psychological connection of the human being with architecture and its context. Our aim in projects is to matter for the context of the project: literally (providing shortcuts, public space etc.), symbolically (by using certain forms, materials or patterns) and economically (by initiating new projects, anywhere in the world).

Context has a broad definition and we like to see it in a broad manner: context can be the direct surroundings but also the political climate of the nation where it is built.


To be able to address the context in the purest way we prefer working in the full spectrum of the initial building process. We initiate projects and design. We work with only the best builders in the industry.



The circular economy

We aim to work according to the principles of circular building, as there is no sensible argument to do it differently. We are at the start of a shift in society and moving forward to a circular economy, in the building practice this isn't a common strategy just yet, so we decided to sign the Circular Manifesto of the BNA and show our support.


Designing circular starts with the first sketch and the question ‘what will happen with the design when the context (read: people, comfort, function, society, city, basically everything except for the design) changes?’ When the design is able to cope with that, economically and environmentally feasible without much material and energy loss, you have a circular design. The question is simple, the solution should be as well.



Our clients vary between private and professional, other architecture firms and companies, public institutes and the person who wants to build his or her dreamhouse.


Previous and current clients:


Stichting Doornroosje

Stichting De Nijmeegse School

De Basis

Fokkema & Partners

Marc Koehler Architects

Emma Architects

Kraaijvanger Architects



among others...





For further information please contact:


Westersingel 97

3015 LC Rotterdam

The Netherlands


telephone: +31 10 210 9993





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